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LMSW, MSW, MBA, received her Masters in Social Work with a concentration in Children and Families from The University of Maryland, Baltimore. She also brings organizational knowledge from decades of work in Marketing and a Masters in Business Administration from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business. Danielle has a rich background in working with individuals and systems to help promote growth and positive change. Her first career in corporate marketing and strategy led her to locations around the country and honed her listening skills to help develop effective strategies of problem-solving. Focusing her listening and problem-solving skills led to effective and lasting change and led Danielle to the systems based educational experience of her master's degree in Social Work.

As a skilled therapist, Danielle works with individuals, children, adolescents, and their families at Sequence Counseling and Consulting Services in Silver Spring, MD. She is also certified in couples’ therapy through the renowned Gottman Institute. Her psychodynamic approach, coupled with her primary modality of CBT, makes her a therapist who meets her clients where they are in their growth journey. With warmth, humor, and a direct style, Danielle is able to help individuals find their own strengths, understand their challenges with compassion, and use this knowledge to improve the relationship connections in their lives.

Education: University of Maryland Baltimore, School Of Social Work, MSW; Northwestern University, Kellogg School Of Management, MBA; University Of Notre Dame , BBA


Listener. Observer. New Yorker.


My very complicated introduction is that I am a therapist who spent over two decades disguised as a corporate marketing executive and consultant. This is my second career, but I feel like I spent my whole life preparing for it. Growing up in New York, I was labeled as shy but what I was really doing was honing my skills as a listener (it is hard to truly listen and talk at the same time). I was a people watcher and I had a lot of material in the very colorful streets of New York. I moved to the Midwest for college and my graduate studies with a stint in Southern California. Without planning to do so, I enjoyed getting to know the different approaches of people in the middle and other side of the United States. Eventually, I went back to the East Coast to work as a Marketing Executive. It was literally my job to assess the needs of consumers in order to promote to them and develop innovative new products which met their needs. I was in heaven! What? Getting paid to study people? Fabulous!! Then I had three kids and studied them and their friends for two decades. I was watching and learning about human behavior and no one suspected a thing.

MY NEW LIFE (or is it?)

At 35 years old, I decided that I did not find joy in my career as a Marketer and started looking for "my thing". I spent days, weeks and months thinking and brainstorming. I looked high and low for that thing that brought me genuine joy. There it was. And it was there all along. PEOPLE! I have always been intrigued and interested in studying people, what makes them do the things they do and think the way they think.  So, I went back to school to fine tune the craft I had been training for all my life. Today, I can honestly say I am living my dream, to help those in need, one person at a time!

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